You CAN Travel With Your Dog

Christy Eidson
3 min readJul 25, 2020

I like to travel, but it’s hard when you have pets. You either have to find a petsitter, trouble a friend or relative to watch your pet, or board your pet. Boarding can be expensive, and I am picky about where I want my pet to be. I don’t want them to be upset and anxious over an already stressful situation. Would they think I am abandoning them? My pets are rescues, so they’ve been through enough already. Ideally, I want to bring my dogs with me.

As long as your pet is potty-trained and well-behaved, your pet can be a travel companion. Of course, never leave your pet unattended in a car. The temperature in a car can rise 20-degrees or more in just a few minutes. Bring plenty of water. Even in a climate-controlled vehicle, your pet needs to stay hydrated. Also, plan on making extra stops so they can relieve themselves as well as stretch their legs. I try to stop every couple of hours.

Also, make sure they are current with their flea and tick preventatives, in addition to their heartworm preventatives. You may be outside more when you travel and could easily be exposed to more of these pesky pests. Make sure they are up-to-date on their shots and have their records handy in case you are asked.

Luckily, there are more and more restaurants and hotels that are becoming pet-friendly to accommodate you and your travel buddy. A little research before your trip can provide you with information on places that will allow you to bring your pooch along. Many breweries welcome dogs, so you can enjoy a local pint with your pup on the patio. Some attractions even invite your pup to tag along.

But when you can’t bring your pet along, make sure they are comfortable and content in the room. I leave a TV on to give them some white noise and distract them from anyone that may walk by the door or other outside noises. I put down a training pad by the door in case they can’t hold it. There is plenty of food and water for them, and I pack a variety of treats.

Kong toys are great distractors to give your dog an activity while you leave. I had a dog with separation anxiety, so I would put treats in a Kong Quest Bone. He would be so preoccupied with the puzzle-like toy that he wouldn’t notice me leaving the room. Soon, his whining stopped because he knew he would be getting a treat and that I would be coming back.

Whatever you do, make sure that your pet is secure (like in a bathroom) when you are loading and unloading from your vehicle to the room. I had the unfortunate scare of having my dog sneak out of the room and take off down the street. I was freaking out! Luckily, he didn’t get far, but I was rattled nonetheless. It could have ended badly, but I caught him. I don’t want you to have the same experience that I did. Make sure your pet is secure if you need to leave them alone. I also make sure to put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door as to not alarm any unsuspecting housekeeping crew. Plus, you want to avoid having them inadvertently release your dog from the room by accident.

Wherever you go, you can be sure that your pet companion would like to be there with you. Take the proper precautions and plan ahead. You can make memories together and make your bond even closer.



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